Frequently Ask Questions

What Services does Big Screen Big Movies provide when we rent an outdoor or indoor package?

When you rent an outdoor movie system, you are covered for a night of movie fun. We provided everything you need
for a successful event outdoors. Inflatable screen, super bright projector, and high powered stereo speakers.
Included are all extension and power cords, projector stand and video and audio wiring with adapters as needed.

What do I need to have?

All you need is a Level Ground and Open Space. We can hook up right to your cable box for premium viewing events.

How much does it cost?

Complete packages ranges from $95.00 up to $295.00. We only do bright quality movies with the best equipment. 

Can I pick everything up and return it myself and can I set up the equipment myself?

Yes. The inflatable screens are as easy as pie. Speakers are also quite simple. When you pickup what you need
we will show you how it all works. Power strips extension cords and all necessary adapters are included at no charge.
We also provide cell phone support if you need it.

Is delivery available?

Delivery is available at no charge within 5 miles of our Carowinds location. Beyond that there is a $65 delivery fee, from 5 to 10 miles and $95 delivery fee from 10 to 20 miles for delivery, setup and pickup. If you are farther than 20 miles from our Carowinds location charges will vary.

Please call us for a quote at 704-496-0518. You can also contact us via our on-line order form and include in the "Any Comments or Special Instructions" for us to estimate your cost base on your address.
Note: We do not ship our rental equipment...sorry!

Will the screen hold up in the wind?

Yes. The inflatable screens we use are made by Open Air Corporation. They can withstand 20 miles an hour winds.

Who is responsible for the equipment when it its rented?

You as an individual or as a company are responsible is any equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged. A contract must be signed by an authorized agent stating so.

How many people can see the screen and hear the audio?

Depending on the size of the screen and speakers, 400 people can see and hear the movie.

Do I have to rent everything in the package?

No. Rent just what you need. Sometimes a white wall or hung white sheet will work as a screen. Or perhaps you have a projector and want a reflective screen in a specific location for viewing purposes. Or perhaps you just need some lager quality speakers for a 16px; crowd. It's up you. Just rent what you need from Big Screen Big Movies and save money!

Can I project HDMI (high definition) video?

Yes. All of our projectors can project High Definition video with the right cables.

How much notice do I need to reserve the equipment I need?

If you need the equipment today, call now. If we are not in the office - calls get forwarded to a real live person. Or, you can email us your name, address, delivery address (if needed), phone number, dates needed and if you need a projector, screen or sound system.

What types of payment does Big Screen Big Movies accept?

We currently accept cash or checks.

Give us a call or us at email if you have any other questions.

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Carowinds - Steel Creek Area,

Charlotte, NC 28202

Phone. 704-496-0518

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